Saturday, 8 February 2014

One Sector Remaining Bullish

Composite Index (KLCI) = Bearish 
1. Construction Index = Bearish 
2. Consumer Index = Bearish 
3. Finance Index = Bearish
4. Industrial Index = Bearish
5. Industrial Products Index = Bearish 
6. Plantation Index = Bearish 
7. Property Index = Bearish
8. Technology Index = Bullsih
9. Trading And Services Index = Bearish ( Turned Bearish This Week ) 

One Sector turned Bearish this week; Trading And Services Index remaining one sector ( Technology Index ) is Bullish. As mentioned last week, I will reduce my share holding for now. There will be a bound but I am not sure how far it will go.

Note : I am using GPMMA (Guppy Multiple Moving Averages) for the above analysis. For more information, please check out : 

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