Monday, 12 March 2012

Stocks Recommended During The Course

The followings are stocks recommended during the course:
HAIO 7668 

Honestly, I did not know what to do then as I felt loss after the seminar just like some of you. Any where, it is important to remember two things we learn from the course;

Classical Buy & Sell Signal 

REDTONE is a sell both for Classical Sell Signal and GPMMA

COASTAL, DRBHCOM, HAIO, PERISAI & POHKONG are still in 'C' (consolidation). There is potential upside.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Redtone Turned Bearish

(Posted on 7 March 2012)
Redtone 0032 
GPMMA of Redtone closed below indicating Redtone is now in bearish mode. Further more, it actually dropped down below 61.8% Fibonacci level. This could mean the recent up trend is over. We should sell this counter.

HaiO : Back To Consoildation

(Posted On 4 March 2012)
Stock Name : HaiO (7668)
Group : Consumer Sector
Price (2 March 2012) : RM 2.21

EPS (30 April 2011) : RM 0.1421 (0.1421/2.21 = 6.43% Growth)

DPS (30 April 2011) : RM 0.075 (0.075/2.21 = 3.39%)

Fundamentally: HaiO is still making money despite the profits have been reducing. GrandPine Capital feels that the worse could be over.

Technically: I will accumulate this counter since it is in Section 'C'. For some conservative traders, they could wait for 'Classical Buy Signal' to enter the counter.

Cup With Handle: In Section 'C'
1) 10 Days Bollinger Band is narrowing (-12.82% as at 2 Feb 2012)
2) Volume is below 211,700 VMA[40] (40 Days Volume Moving Average)

GPMMA: Close above on 27 Dec 2012

Cup With Handle

(Posted On 3 March 2012)
It is important to remember 'CUP With HANDLE' trading method which is the cheese of the seminar. Knowing and mastering this trading method is very thing. It is short term in nature; not more
than 2 months.

I strongly suggest to all my classmates to relook at the details of CUP With HANDLE. Study it well, flip as many charts as possible to get familiar with.

I am not sure if I should place the criteria here. Please advise.  


Posted on 3 March 2012

Stock Name : AnnJoo (6556)
Group : Industrial Steel Related
GrandPine : Mentioned At the newsletter
Price (2 March 2012) : RM 2.06

EPS (31 Dec 2012) : RM 0.1763 (0.1763/2.06 = 8.56% Growth)

DPS (31 Dec 2012) : RM 0.0925 (0.0925/2.06 = 4.49%)

Fundamentally: This stock is making money with consistent dividend pay out. Since GrandPine Capital Research thinks that steel related counters could have some 'activities'. I would look into this stock.

Technically: I will buy this counter now since it is in Section 'C' area with Bollinger Band 10 days shrinks. For some, they could buy during 'Classical Buy Signal' appears.
It closed at RM2.06 on Friday 2 Feb 2012.

Cup With Handle: Section C
1. 10 Days Bollinger Band is narrowing (0.880% as at 2 March 2012 - Friday)
2. Volume is now below Volume Moving Average (VMA 40) of 498,300 as at 2 March 2012

GPMMA : Closed Above = Bullish

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Class On 25th & 26th Feb 2012

This blog is for the student of Millioinology Seminar held in Miri on 25th & 26 Feb 2012 conducted by Mr. CPTan from GrandPine Capital. 

I start this site with a purpose of helping each other who attended the class for Millionology of Grandpine Capital on 25 & 26 Feb 2012 in Imperial Hotel, Miri.

I know how most student feels. We feel lost after the class as we do not know how to start. There are so many things we learn during the 2 days. Once we are at home, looking at the software; Algobox, we do not know how we go about it.

I met Joyce Ng yesterday and she had exactly the same feeling as I am. I told her that I would start up something to help each oter. Here we are.

I hope we all will improve together by helping each other.