Saturday, 14 July 2012

Take Care Of Down Side, Upside Will Take Care By Itself

No body knows for sure the direction of KLCI or the entire markets. The best think to do is to rely on technical analysis. In this case, I would use GPMMA of closing over for direction; bullish when closes above and bearish when the blue lines (5 lines) drop below the 5-red-lines (entirely not partial blue lines).

KLCI closed at 1626.38 on Friday 13 July 2012. The blue lines stayed well above the 5-red-lines indicating that the market is still bullish. 
We have to constantly monitor KLCI and the rest of the indexes including the global ones like Dow Jones, Heng Seng, Shang Hai and Dax etc. for direction based on GPMMA.
Take good care of the downside and the upside will take care by  itself. 

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