Sunday, 8 July 2012

GPMMA Global Watch

GPMMA seems to be a good way to identify the market situation; bullish / bearish.
The followings are the major markets indexes on GPMMA so as to get some idea of the market direction. 

DOW JONE = Bullish , NASDAQ = Bullish , S&P 500 = Bullish

FTSE = Bullish 
DAX = Neutral

HANG SENG = Neutral 
SHANG HAI = Bearish  
NIKKEI = Neutral  
SEOUL = Bearish 
KLCI = Bullish 

It is obvious that the markets are in neutral. Some are bullish and some neutral. There are only two markets in Asia are in bearish mode. It is important to watch closely for now since the market has been up since 2008.

My Suggestion: 
I attended a market talk by one of the local investment banks, they were very bearish about the markets; the whole markets based on Elliot wave theory. I am kind of drawn into believing the theory. 
Then what should I do? Sell all the stocks? 
Well, the best thing to do, I think, is to watch closely with the charts, all the major indexes of the world on GPMMA. I will get ready to sell all my stocks when GPMMA of KLCI closes below. I guess you all know what it means by "GPMMA closing below". 

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