Sunday, 2 June 2013

Let The Global Markets Show Us The Way

Composite Index (KLCI) = Bullish ( Hit All Time High at 1826.22 )
1. Construction Index = Bullish 
2. Consumer Index = Bullish ( Broke All Time High ) 
3. Finance Index = Bullish ( Broke All Time High ) 
4. Industrial Index = Bullish ( Broke All Time High ) 

5. Industrial Products Index = Bullish ( Broke All Time High )
6. Plantation Index = Bullish 
7. Property Index = Bullish ( Leader ) ( In All Time High ) 
8. Technology Index = Bullish
9. Trading And Services Index = Bullish ( In All Time High )

There is nothing change in terms of market condition for Malaysia. In fact, we are very much driven by global markets. Watching and waiting for the global market unfold to tell us what to do next is the way to go. It is extremely important in coming week.

The second third liners companies are doing very well and many former second board counters are doing catching up. They have been neglected for so many years. I personally like these kind of counters as they has less number of shares in the market. It is easy to push; like FFHB, SMISCORP 

Sectors Turned Bullish In Sequence : (update weekly) 
1st : Property Index 
2nd : Industrial Index

3rd : Consumer Index 
4th : Finance Index 
5th : Trading & Services Index 
6th : Composite Index 
7th : Construction Index 
8th : Industrial Products Index 
9th : Plantation Index (11 April 2013) 

Sectors Made All Time High In Sequence : (update weekly) : Trading & Services Index 
2nd : Property Index 
3rd : Consumer Index 
4th : Finance Index 
5th : Industrial Index 
6th : Industrial Products Inde
( Note : 3rd , 4th , 5th & 6th broke new high together ) 
Note : I am using GPMMA (Guppy Multiple Moving Averages) for the above analysis. For more information, please check out :  

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