Saturday, 19 January 2013

Technology Index Might Turn Bullish Soon

Composite Index (KLCI) = Bullish

1. Construction Index = Bullish
2. Consumer Index = Bullish 
3. Finance Index = Bullish  
4. Industrial Index = Bullish
5. Industrial Products Index = Bullish
6. Plantation Index = Bullish color=red>( It is weak )

7. Property Index = Bullish
8. Technology Index = Bearish <font color=blue>( It is turning Bullish soon )
9. Trading And Services Index = Bullish
As usual, Technology Index is still in the red but it might turn Bullish in coming week.
Plantation Index is still Bullish but it is very weak. The CPO price is still weak. 

Sectors With All Time High : (My New Analysis; I will also update weekly)
Kuala Lumpur Composite Index 
Finance Index 
Trading And Services Index

Sectors Those Turned Bullish In Sequence : (My New Analysis too; I will update weekly)
1st : KLCI 
2nd : Finance Index 
3th : Trading And Services Index 
4th : Consumer Index 
5th : Plantation Index 
6th, 7th, 8th & 9th : Construction Index , Industrial Index , Industrial Products Index and Property Index 

Note : I am using GPMMA (Guppy Multiple Moving Averages) for the above analysis. For more information, please check out :

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