Sunday, 21 October 2012

Two More Sectors Turned Bullish

Composite Index (KLCI) = Bullish 

1. Construction Index = Bearish 
2. Consumer Index = Turn Bullish Now 
3. Finance Index = Turned Bullish Again
4. Industrial Index = Turn Bullish Too  
5. Industrial Products Index  = Turn Bullish Again
6. Plantation Index = Bearish (Broke Recent Low) 
7. Property Index = Turned Bullish Again 
8. Technology Index = Bearish (Broke Recent Low) 
9. Trading And Services Index = Bullish 

Consumer Index and Industrial Index joint the bandwagon tuning bullish now making 6 bullish sectors out of the total 9 sectors. 
Construction Index, Plantation Index and Technology Index remain bearish. 

Note : As you all would know, I am using GPMMA technical analysis for deciding on the above market condition. Please check my previous post for GPMMA details. 

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  1. Hi there, Its Ewen from KDF. How are you sir? Regarding the OSK blogspot, it has been discontinued as they have a research team to analyse futures for the firm.

    But here are some useful website which I am sure you have heard about : -
    1. < This website the SGS and ITS figures are out before Reuters news.

    Anyway all the best and prosperous trading ya.